Door Options for a 9-Foot Closet

Nine foot closets have several door options.

Bi Fold

Due to the positioning of closets and surrounding furniture, it is necessary to use doors that accommodate for this. In addition, many closet doorframes are too wide to warrant the use of a normal door and require a special door type.

Bi fold door styles are a very popular option for closest doors. Bi fold closet doors help save space and allow access to the whole closet. Since bi fold doors do not open wide, they allow you to place furniture in places that a normal swinging doors would prevent. Bi fold doors can easily be installed in the frame of a closet door without much modification or addition of hardware. It is important to ensure that the sliding tracks are installed correctly. If the tracks are installed incorrectly, the doors will not slid correctly and will cause many problems. Bi fold doors are typically made from very light material and once the tracks are installed are very easy to mount and maintain.


Bypass doors present the option of keeping the space that the doors need to open and close to an absolute minimum. Since the doors slide into each other, it allows you to access either side of the closet at one time. It is not possible to access both sides at once. and if you need access to the very center of the closet, this option may not be the best. Installing the hardware for bypass doors can be a bit more difficult than some of the other options due to the sliding track hardware and the heavier weight of the doors. However, the hardware for these doors will last longer than bi fold doors since the doors are never pulled on and slide naturally from side to side.

Additional Options

Which ever style of door you choose, you will still have several other options among those styles of doors. Both styles of doors can come either plain, louvered or mirrored. Plain beveled door styles are the easiest to paint to match the rest of the room but are the least interesting. Louvered doors are a very popular style due to the unique and intricate wood work of the louvers. However, louvered doors are with out question, the most difficult to clean and paint. Mirrored doors are also an option, they give the illusion of a larger room and provide a unique feel to a room. They will need to be cleaned often because they show smudges and dust very easily.

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