How to Make a Closet Rod

Kevin McDermott

With all the closet organizers available today, a plain wood rod is sometimes still the best choice, especially for a small closet. Most hardware stores carry simple metal flanges made to hold up closet rods. Installation is a matter of properly hanging the flanges and, if desired, painting or staining the rod.

Make a Closet Rod
  1. Use a stud finder to locate the stud on one side of the closet wall that is closest to the spot you want the rod to go. Generally, closet rods for adults hang about 5 feet off the floor. Use a tape measure and pencil to mark a plus sign at the location: The vertical line represents the center of the stud and the horizontal line, the desired height for the rod.

  2. Repeat Step 1 on the opposite wall. Make sure the opposing plus signs line up precisely.

  3. Hold a level horizonally across the closet between the two plus signs you made (the position where your rod will hang), and check for level. If it's not level, adjust the height of one of the marks to make it so.

  4. Use a screw gun and wood screws to secure the flanges on both walls at the marks. Make sure the opening in the open-ended flange faces up so it forms a U. Make sure all or most of the screws enter the studs.

  5. Measure between the two flanges and use a power miter box to cut the dowel rod to the necessary length. Paint or stain the rod and allow to dry. Insert one end of the rod into the circular flange, then set the other end into the open-ended flange.


Staining the rod is preferable to painting, since paint will likely chip. Follow manufacturer's instructions.


Always wear eye protection when using power tools.

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