How to Create a Shelf Using a Tension Rod

Amanda Fetherlin

When storage space in homes, trailers and campers is at a premium, a simple shelving unit made with tension rods can add the needed storage without interfering with the furniture or static appliances in the room. This type of storage can be placed anywhere in the home -- on counters, over the toilet, in the shower and even over the couch, making extra space available anywhere. Tension rods can be purchased in many colors or painted to match the decor of the room in which you decide to place the shelving unit.

Shelf tracks make adjustable shelving units.

Step 1

Measure the area chosen for the shelving unit for the height of the space from floor to ceiling. Use this measurement to purchase two tension rods of appropriate length.

Step 2

Measure three inches from one end of each of the tension rods and mark that spot with a marker.

Step 3

Place the tension rods into a table vice to hold them still while working on them.

Step 4

Attach the shelf tracks to the tension rods, starting from the marker spot, with screws using a cordless drill.

Step 5

Place the tension rods 3 feet apart along the wall in the area chosen for the shelving unit. When placing the rods, align the shelf tracks in the front, visible side of the rods for easy shelf placement. Tighten the rods so they do not move.

Step 6

Place the shelf brackets into the holes in the track using the two hooks on the long end. Check that the brackets are at the same level on the track. Center the shelf on the brackets.