How to Hang a Curtain Rod on Cinder Block Walls

Emily Patterson

Cinder blocks are commonly used in basements and garages. The nails or screws that come with curtain rods cannot be used on cinder block walls because they will bend, break or pull out of the cinder blocks.

It may be a challenge to hang curtains on a cinder block wall.

Hollow wall anchors are also a problem because the locations required for the screws may be either solid or hollow. However, screws are available to hang curtain rods that will not bend, break or pull out of cinder blocks, whether the location in the block is solid or hollow.


Wear safety glasses or goggles when drilling and securing screws into cinder block walls. Pieces of cinder block can break off and cause serious and permanent eye damage.

  1. Hold the curtain rod in the desired location. Use a pencil or marker to mark the location for one screw hole on one side of the curtain rod.

  2. Select the appropriate size masonry drill bit depending on the size of masonry screws chosen. The size of the drill bit required for the pilot hole is printed on the package for the concrete screws.

  3. Put on safety glasses or goggles.

  4. Secure the masonry bit in the drill, and drill a hole at the location marked on the cinder block wall for the curtain hardware.

  5. Clean the dust out of the hole by aligning a straw with the hole and blowing gently through the straw. The dust can act as a powder lubricant and reduce the effectiveness of the concrete screw.

  6. Push a long finishing nail through the hardware and into the hole so the hardware hangs loosely on the finishing nail.

  7. Place the curtain rod on one side of the window. Position the hardware for the opposite side of the opening while holding a level on the top of the curtain rod. Use a pencil or marker to mark the locations for all of the screw holes in the hardware. Remove the curtain rod and level.

  8. Trade the masonry bit in the drill for a screwdriver bit. Attach the curtain rod hardware to the wall by placing a concrete screw through the hardware and into the hole, and use the drill to secure the screw. Place the curtain rod back on the hardware.

  9. Hold the curtain rod hardware that is hanging loosely on the nail firmly against the cinder block wall. Mark the locations for the remaining screw holes with a pencil or marker. Remove the curtain rod, hardware and finishing nail. Drill the holes at the location marked for the hardware, and blow the dust out of the holes with a straw. Place the hardware back in position and secure with masonry screws. Hang the curtain rod on the hardware.