How to Remove Crayon Stains From Clothing

How to Remove Crayon Stains From Clothing. It is very frustrating to open a dryer full of fresh laundry and discover that there's melted crayon soaked into several articles of clothing. The stains almost seem to mock you with the challenge of removing them. Don't despair.

Armed with the right equipment and a little know how, those colorful streaks of wax will soon be history.

  1. Examine all articles of clothing from the offending batch of laundry. You will want to remove the crayon from all pieces of clothing at one time. It's going to be tedious and time consuming, but it's definitely a process worth going through.

  2. Lay the stained area of clothing on several paper towels. Four or five paper towels should do the trick. Try not to have any layers of material under the stain or you may end up with more mess than you bargained for.

  3. Spray the stains with a car part lubricant. Let it sit for a few minutes. Flip the clothing over and spray on the opposite side. Let the fabric sit for a few minutes more.

  4. Pour a little liquid dishwashing detergent onto the stained area. Gently rub the detergent into the stain. The wax will work it's way onto the paper towels. Replace the towels as needed. Continue to work detergent into the stain until all of the crayon is removed.

  5. Wash the clothing with laundry detergent and color-safe bleach. Use a hot water cycle for 15 minutes or on the heavy load option. Rinse the clothing in warm water.

  6. Verify that the stain(s) have been completely removed. If there's still crayon residue on the clothing, repeat steps above.

  7. Clean the drum of your dryer before drying any more clothing in it. If you fail to clean the drum, you'll likely end up with crayon marks on your clothing again. After cleaning the dryer, dry your garments as usual.

  8. Tip

    Always check pockets before putting anything into the washer. You may need to re-wash the clothing several times, after the stain is removed, to remove the smell of the car part lubricant.

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