How to Remove Wall Paneling

How to Remove Wall Paneling. Removing wall paneling is a simple procedure as long as you have the right tools and the right instructions. Giving a room a new look or removing a damaged section are two reason why removing wall paneling would be necessary.

Remove Wall Paneling

Once you have removed the wall paneling, you will be free to change the look of the room to virtually anything you want.

  1. Loosen the baseboard and the crown molding with a screw driver. Once you have loosened them, carefully remove both the baseboard and crown molding. Try not to damage either while removing because you will most likely need them in the future.

  2. Remove any brads, screws or nails from the paneling with a pry bar. Look carefully to make sure you remove any obstructions that may get in the way as you proceed. You can also use a screwdriver or pincers where needed.

  3. Place a chisel against the paneling, and use a hammer to cautiously split it. Start at the top, and proceed with caution. Your time will vary on this step depending on how much paneling you have.

  4. Use a putty knife to remove any glue that remains. Your goal is to detach the paneling from all glue and nails that may be holding it against the wall.

  5. Take a pry bar and detach all remaining paneling. By now all bonds should be broken, and you can complete the removal process. Use caution because the wall paneling can have nails or sharp edges. You can now hang new paneling or choose to wallpaper or paint your walls instead.