How to Bronze Baby Shoes

How to Bronze Baby Shoes. Preserve the memories of your precious little one forever. Bronzing your baby's shoes is an enduring custom that retains its popularity today like it did many years ago. The process is enjoyable and rewarding, allowing you something to view for many years to come.

  1. Wipe your child's shoes all over with a moist towel using denatured alcohol. Let the shoes dry.

  2. Place each shoe in the position you desire them bronzed, tie those strings in place. Position the tongue to touch the sides of the shoes.

  3. Pierce the sole of each shoe with a sharp tool. Loop a string or wire around it. Since children's shoes are so small, make the hole in an area not easily seen.

  4. Mix the bronze powder and varnish together slowly so there is no powder on the bottom of the container you are using. Consistency should be like that of cake mix. Bronze mixture should be enough to cover both of your child's shoes entirely.

  5. Dab the bronzing mixture on liberally using a clean brush to be sure you cover all parts of the shoes both interior and exterior, repeating the process several times. Shoes should have an even, glossy finish.

  6. Utilize the wire you attached from the soles to tack up each shoe to allow them to dry between daubing.

  7. Create rock hard children's shoes by filling each little shoe with plaster of Paris till you almost reach the top and set them in a safe place to let them dry for a few days before painting them your desired color. You should be able to touch them to determine if they have hardened enough.

  8. Tip

    Check out your local crafts store for the bronze powder. To create the antique look, add burnt umber or black color in oil with the bronzing liquid and using a small brush dab it into the crevices of each of the shoes.