How to Install a Bidet

How to Install a Bidet. If you're familiar with a bidet, you know the benefits of having one. Although they are standard throughout Europe, in America they are still mainly reserved for progressive houses. But with their growing popularity, bidets are becoming easier to purchase and often can be installed yourself.

Now you can have that European feel in your own home.

  1. Choose the type of bidet you want. If you want a full bidet separate from the toilet but don't have the room, consider whether you're willing to do some serious remodeling to suit your new feature. If not, you may need to compromise and buy a bidet that attaches to the toilet for an easy install.

  2. Decide if you want to have warm water or if you can live with a cool water bidet. This may be the biggest downside to an attachment bidet because it uses the same water supply from the toilet, while a stand-alone bidet unit can use warm water.

  3. Determine if you're willing to move from the toilet to a stand-alone bidet. These are the more common styles in Europe and Asia, and if you were first introduced to a bidet this may be the familiar way for you to use it.

  4. Figure out how much you are willing to spend to install a bidet. Stand-alone units are more expensive and require additional water and sewage lines, but offer a more luxurious feel.

  5. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to install it if you choose to go with an attachment style. These are fairly simple, require only household tools and can be installed and ready to use in 5 to 10 minutes.