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How to Add Users to a Honeywell Alarm

Meredith Jameson

The Honeywell Corporation manufactures a wide variety of products for homes and businesses, including heating and cooling, appliances and security systems. Honeywell security systems include video surveillance, access control solutions, security software and home alarms, among other items. Honeywell burglary home control panels allow users to set up times of day, zones and remote activation and permit several users to be given an access code to control the unit. Adding another user to the unit is a relatively simple process but can only be performed by an individual in possession of the 4-digit system master code.

Step 1

Enter in the system master code.

Step 2

Press the number “8.”

Step 3

Press the new user number. Note that user 01 is the installer, user 02 is the master, and users 03 through 16 are standard users. Select a user number that is not already in use.

Step 4

Enter in the new user’s security code, which is a 4-digit number and should be unique to the user. The keypad will beep once, confirming the addition of a new user number.

Step 5

Set the authority level for the new member as follows: Enter in the system master code, followed by the number “8,” followed by the new user number and then “#” “1,” followed by the desired authority level. 0 is a standard user, 1 is for arming capability only, 2 is a temporary guest, and 3 indicates that the level is being entered under duress and notifies the Honeywell security company.