How to Frame a Diploma

How to Frame a Diploma. Any diploma, from high school to graduate school, reflects years of hard work and studious behavior. Framing your diploma protects it against age and damage, and shows off your achievement.

The right size frame is easy to locate; so the only difficulty should be choosing which diplomat to frame and the style frame to put it in. Read on to learn more.

  1. Decide what pieces you want to frame. Common articles for framing along with the diploma include graduation announcements, tassles, class rings, and graduation pictures. Many frame shops have specialty frame and mat designs to accommodate various combinations of articles.

  2. Check your local retailers first. Local retailers may have custom-designed frames to accent your particular diploma. For high school diplomas check local frame shops; for college diplomas visit the school bookstore.

  3. Measure your diploma. If it is a standard document size, you can purchase an inexpensive frame from any crafts store. The decorative quality won't be as good as a more expensive custom frame, but it's a quick and easy way to protect your diploma.

  4. Check the ink used on the diploma. If the diploma is extremely high quality or has actual ink rather than screen or commercial printing, it's highly recommended that you use a mat rather than just a frame. This will keep the ink from bonding directly to the glass and damaging the diploma if you ever remove it from the frame.

  5. Shop around for different options. Even if specialty frames are available for your diploma, you may choose to go with a shadow box to accommodate related items such as tassels, medals, photos, or announcements.