How to Jump Off a Roof

How to Jump Off a Roof. Whether you're trying to escape a fire or impress your friends with a flashy physical feat, jumping off a roof is tricky business. It takes practice to do it safely, and even the practice carries risks.

  1. Jump off the lowest point of the roof. Instead of taking a leap from a gable or spire, look for a level surface with a clear view of the ground.

  2. Look for a padded area to fall. It doesn't matter if you choose a fluffy patch of grass or a row of bushes. Any object that can break a fall is a wise choice.

  3. Wear rubber soled shoes to keep from slipping prematurely. While there might not always be time, you should definitely consider non-slip shoes if you have to jump off a roof. You need time to prepare your descent if possible.

  4. Practice the jump and roll technique to avoid breaking ankles or damaging other joints. As you approach the ground, you should keep your feet down as if you were to land on your feet, but instead of stiffening your legs, roll to your side and away from the house.

  5. Be available to help those who are behind you. If you're the first to jump off the roof and you land safely, try to talk others through the process. Don't try to catch anyone. The force of the descending weight can severely injure you.