How to Keep Hair Out of the Shower Drain

Everyone loses hair during a shower. It is a natural occurrence, and as the old hair falls out, new hair will grow in to take its place.

Use a hair catcher on your drain.

Letting fallen hair run down the shower drain may seem like an easy way to dispose of it, but hair will loop over joints or rough places in the pipe, build up and eventually clog the drain. In a worst case scenario, a plumber will need to be called to remove the hair clog. You can prevent this happening by using a simple addition to any drain.

  1. Measure the width of your drain with a tape measure.

  2. Go to your local or chain hardware store and find the plumbing aisle. Look for a shower drain hair catcher.

  3. Use the measurement to get the one that will correctly fit the size of your drain.

  4. Place it over your shower drain. Although draining speed may be slightly compromised, it will catch virtually all of your hair as well as anything else that has been dropped into the bath tub. After every shower, simply wipe the top of the hair catcher off and dispose of any hair that has been collected.