How to Remove a Cast Iron Tub

How to Remove a Cast Iron Tub. Removing a cast iron tub without professional help is a strenous job. Since these tubs weigh at least 300 pounds, it requires removal in pieces and is not likely salvageable. Gather a sledgehammer to begin demolition of the cast iron tub.

  1. Shut off the water supply to the tub. Drain excess water.

  2. Remove caulking and the first few rows of tile framing the tub with a pry bar. Break open the walls back to the studs with a hammer.

  3. Disconnect the plumbing fixtures, faucet, handles, shower diverter, drain lever and water valves with a wrench and a tub tool. Accessing the drain trap and tailpiece requires the worker to expose an area from the underside of the tub or from the ceiling below.

  4. Stuff a rag into the drain hole. Cover the tub with a large wet blanket.

  5. Swing a sledge hammer towards the center of the tub's side wall to start breaking it apart. Continue until the brittle cast iron pieces are small enough to be carried away for disposal.

  6. Tip

    Wear protective eyewear and cover arms and legs against flying debris. Remove anything in the room that might suffer damage from flying debris. Keep a bucket and towels handy for waste overflow.