How to make your own Swiffer pads

If you like cleaning your laminated and wood floors with a Swiffer, but dislike spending so much on the pads, go green and take a more eco-friendly approach to your Swiffer. Whether you recycle the pads or attach other fabrics to the unit, these tips will help you save money as well as clean your floors effectively.

  1. Pull old socks over the Swiffer. When they get dirty, you can wash them in the washing machine. If a sock doesn't fit, make a slit from the top of the sock to about the middle of the foot, then slip it over an end of the unit.

  2. Use high-quality paper towels instead of Swiffer pads. They won't last as long, but they are less inexpensive.

  3. Attach bar towels to your Swiffer. They are 100-percent cotton, white and washable.

  4. Wash and reuse your old Swiffer cloths. They are durable and will survive a spin in the washing machine. Line dry them instead of using the dryer.

  5. Stretch on a disposable diaper. You can often find open packages of disposable diapers for sale at thrift stores.

  6. Recycle an old wash cloth and wrap it around your Swiffer.

  7. Cut up old work clothes and put them on your Swiffer. Flannel shirts work best.

  8. Buy homemade Swiffer pads of all types, even knitted ones, at various websites.

  9. Knit your own Swiffer pad (see References for patterns).