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The Average Hot Wash Temperature in a Commercial Clothes Washer

Coral Cavanagh

Knowing the water temperatures when using a commercial washing machine can help achieve desired cleaning results and ensure clothing longevity. The water temperatures in commercial washer cycles can differ from each other significantly.


Commercial washers on the "hot" cycle will likely have water at 120 to 140 degrees F.
Use hot water to keep your white clothing bright.

Using the proper temperature can help to get your clothes clean. Removing deep stains and keeping your whites bright may require very hot water, while protecting your delicate items may require cold water. Removing allergens from your clothing may also require hot water.


Washers that meet certain standards for temperature can reduce 95 percent or more of house dust-mite allergens and pet dander, which may be of benefit to people with asthma. Washers that meet these standards must be able to produce wash water of at least 131 degrees F.


Manufacturers recommended that commercial washer installations set their machine controls to keep water temperatures at 120 to 140 degrees F in the hot water cycle and cold water at not less than 35 degrees F. Since this is just a guideline temperatures many vary widely from washer to washer.