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Dishwashers With a Height of 33 Inches or Less

Jaime Lutz

Small dishwashers are great for people with small spaces or low counters. Find one that works for you, such as a Bosch, GE or SPT.

Dishwashers With a Height of 33 Inches or Less

Small dishwashers can be a godsend for people with low counters, limited space or, in the case of portable and compact models, for renters who want a dishwasher without the hassle of installation. These models frequently use less water – even less than hand-washing – making them a more eco-friendly option for a small family than a full-size dishwasher. They’re also usually cheaper than a large dishwasher. Because of this, these often make a great “starter” dishwasher or even an extra dishwasher for a large family that finds a standard-size dishwasher doesn’t provide enough space.

Bosch Dishwashers

Best Buy includes several Bosch models among their most popular and best-ranked dishwashers under 32 inches, including the 24-inch model in the Bosch 800 series, the cabinet-sized 18-inch model in the Bosch 800 series and the 18-inch model in the Bosch 300 series. Capacity on these models ranges from nine to 15 place settings, and cycles include heavy, auto, normal and rinse only.

GE Dishwashers

The only built-in dishwasher that Home Depot sells with a maximum height of 32 inches is the GE Profile 18-inch Top Control Dishwasher. This quiet washer has seven cycles and can hold a whopping 16 place settings, which is more than some full-size models. Home Depot reviewers praise its easy installation and sleek look, and it’s available in both black and stainless steel finishes.

SPT Dishwashers

Reviewed.com found that most countertop dishwashers are essentially the same – they’re manufactured by a company called Midea. Given this, the appliance review website especially recommended the SPT SD-2201W because of its price of about $200 and its attractive appearance. It holds up to six place settings, though Reviewed only managed to fit four in there. The downside with this and most countertop dishwashers is that they won’t fit most large pots and pans – and, of course, they take up a fair amount of valuable counter space. If you prefer a built-in model, SPT makes an 18-inch dishwasher with a height of 32.2 inches – provided you can spare the extra 0.2 inches.

Haier Dishwashers

In addition to Bosch and GE models under 32 inches, Best Buy also offers an 18-inch, two-rack Haier dishwasher with a height of 32 inches. Though there aren’t many reviews for this model right now, it operates at a quiet 60 decibels and includes features such as a 24-hour delay start and seven cycles.