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How to Compare Bosch & Kenmore Dishwashers

Laura Hageman

Kenmore dishwashers are made for Sears by several manufacturers including Whilrpool and KitchenAid. Bosch actually made one dishwasher, the elite 630 model, under the Kenmore name in addition to its own line of dishwashers. There are many similarities between the Kenmore and Bosch models such as child locks, food disposers and low-noise control. However, not all of the models are the same and there are differences.

  1. Compare the cycle time. Most of the Kenmore models offer a quick wash of 35 minutes, whereas most Bosch dishwashers require one hour and 35 minutes. Nevertheless, there are a few Bosch models that offer a quick wash, such as the SHE58C02UC model. Kenmore and Bosch both have the delay start feature.

  2. Look at the racks. Bosch models have a removable top rack that allows for larger items. However, most of the Kenmore dishwashers have tall tubs where large items such as pots and platters can fit on the bottom rack without interfering with the dishes on the top rack. There are a few Kenmore dishwashers with smaller tubs that have the removable top rack. Some Kenmores also provide an extra rack, allowing for three levels for a large load of small dishes. Most Kenmore and Bosch dishwashers have nylon racks that prevents rusting.

  3. Check the number of wash cycles for Bosch and Kenmore dishwashers. Bosch models have four to six wash cycles depending on the model whereas Kenmores have no more than five cycles. They both specialize in quiet cycles along with water-, energy- and electricity-conservation features.

  4. Compare heating elements for drying. Bosch has no exposed heating whereas Kenmore does. This could affect plastics that get too close to the dryer. Many Bosch dishwashers uses condensation rather than heat to dry the dishes.

  5. Measure the height of the Bosch and Kenmore dishwashers. Most of the Kenmore models are 24 inches tall allowing for a tall tub. Bosch models are a little more than 33 inches tall. Before purchasing a dishwasher you should measure the height of your countertop and allow two to three inches difference.

  6. Count how many place settings each dishwasher allows. The Kenmore holds up to 10 place settings whereas some Bosch dishwashers allow for up to 14 settings.