How to Rent a Keg

Renting a keg can save the cleanup and expense of purchasing many bottles and cans of beer seperately. This guide explains the keg rental process.

  1. Decide on how many people you are serving and how much beer you will need. A true keg is a thirty-one gallon barrell. The majority of kegs that most people see are half kegs which hold fifteen and a half gallons. A half keg provides one hundred sixty-four twelve ounce servings of beer.

  2. Decide on where to rent your keg from. The "yellow pages" of your local phone book are normally a good place to start looking. You can also ask around at places that sell beer and alcohol.

  3. Once you decide on a place to rent the keg, the general process is that you will purchase the beer inside the keg while renting the keg and tap itself. The fee for the keg is generally around fifty dollars (2008) and the tap averages five to ten dollars (2008).

  4. Once you get it home. Place your keg in an area where spillage will not be a problem. A good place is inside of a garbage can or large bucket, as this also allows you to pack ice both around and on top of the keg to keep the beer cold.

  5. Durig this time the keg can also rest. After transportation, its a good idea to let the keg itself settle for a bit. A good rule to follow is 30-45 minutes.

  6. When you're ready to finish setting up your keg, remove and discard the plastic cover from the opening. Carefully insert the tap in and twist with the lever facing up. Remember, the lever must face upwards! Push the lever down. You don't have to pump the lever at first because there is already pressure. The first one or two cups filled from your keg will usually be mostly foam, so have a few cups on hand after setup to get this final step out of the way.

  7. Tip

    Once tapped, the beer inside a keg is only good for a few days at most. Place your keg in an area away from carpet and hardwood floors where spillage will not be a problem.


    Be careful not to over pump your keg. If the pump feels tight, you have pumped too much.

    If you decide to rent a keg for a large party make sure that no one who is underage has access to it.

    Check your local laws regarding open containers and alcohol served in public.