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How to Add A Market Umbrella To A Picnic Table

Donna Thacker

Picnic tables are wonderful things to have in your back yard for children and guests at family cook outs. They are even better when you add a large market umbrellas to them. your shade is always with you and there is no need to keep moving the table as the sun moves.

This project uses a few plumbing supplies that can be easily purchased anywhere. You'll need some basic knowledge of Tap sets and how to use them or someone to show you how.

  1. Measure the diameter of the market umbrella's pole. Your pipe flange will need to be that size for the umbrella pole to fit through. Purchase the right size screws to fit onto the pipe flange base. Also purchase the right size computer grommet to fit inside the pipe flange opening. It's best to purchase these at the hardware store all at the same time, so you can be sure to fit everything together as you select it.

  2. Measure your picnic table to find the exact center. Measure the middle board length ways and across and mark the exact center. This is where you need to drill with the hole saw to cut your round circle through the board.

  3. Assemble your pipe parts. Refer to the guide on your tap set as to which tap to use to fit the size of the thumb screw you purchased. Using the proper tap, put a hole into the side of the short pipe. The thumb screw screws into this hole. It will lock down your umbrella pole.

  4. Lay the picnic table on it's side so that you have easy access to the bottom of the table. Line the floor flange up to the hole you sawed in the center of the table and screw the flange into place. The flat side should be against the bottom of the table. Screw the short pipe with the thumb screw on it into the flange.

  5. Set the table back up and put the computer desk grommet into the opening. Remove the cap from the grommet. The grommet's only purpose is for a more finished look. It isn't necessary to secure the market umbrella. Slide the market umbrella down through the newly installed hardware and tighten the thumbscrew against the pole. Adding the thumbscrew to the pipe insures that the wind doesn't catch the umbrella and cause it to spin.