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How to Make a Rug Hanger

Cathy Pelekakis

Rugs are not just for floors. If you have ever seen a picture of an old castle, look at the walls there you will see beautiful tapestries. Rug designs, especially if they are made by your sweet little hands are unique forms of art that enhance the beauty of your home.

To make a rug hanger requires a bit of patience and time yet the end result is breathtaking. Read on to learn how to make a rug hanger.

  1. Measure the width of your rug or quilt and add four inches to it, write this measurement down. Go to the hardware store, like Lowes or Home Depot and purchase two long pieces of unstained wood approximately, in accordance with your measurements 2 inches wide.

  2. Go to the knob aisle in Home Depot or Lowes, where they sell replacement kitchen cabinet door knobs. Purchase three wooden knobs and three flat head screws that are at least 4 1/2 half inches in length. Purchase two brackets to hold the hanger onto your wall. These should all be found in the same aisle.

  3. Buy a small can of wood stain, and either a small can of varnish or polyurethane for your rug hanger. You will also need to purchase two small paint brushes to put the stain and varnish on the wood. Take all your purchases home.

  4. Take your measuring tape measure the wood pieces, mark at least 2 inches in to start your measurements. You will want to space your drilled holes evenly through the wooden hanger. For this project we will assume that your rug is 24 inches wide, your pieces of wood would be 28 inches (2 additional inches on the sides) you’re marking for your drilled holes would be spaced 8 inches apart, so you will have one at either end and one in the center. Drill the holes through both pieces of wood.

  5. Put your gloves on before starting to stain your wood. Work in a well ventilated area. Stain your wood and knobs that you purchased and let them dry overnight. After the wood has been stained add a coating of varnish or polyurethane. Let the varnish or polyurethane to dry completely prior to hanging your rug.

  6. Take your measuring tape and measure where you want to install your brackets in your wall. Mount the brackets in accordance with packaging instructions. Remember when you are hanging your rug or quilt that you do not want it to be in direct sunlight.

  7. Take your dried wood; insert the three long flat head screws from the bottom of the lower piece of wood. Take your rug or quilt, it will be placed between the pieces of wood up to but not covering the knob hole. There is nothing that penetrates the fibers of the rug. Put the top piece of wood on top of the edge of the rug and screw in the knobs. The rug will stay in place because of the pressure of the three screws.

  8. Now hang your rug up and enjoy your own piece of art.

  9. Tip

    Remember to keep your rug out of direct sunlight.


    Use safety measures when you are using the drill, drill away from your face.