How to Paint a Chalkboard on a Piece of Wood

Cody Sorensen

Transform a piece of wood into a chalkboard with chalkboard paint. Chalkboard paint comes in green or black colors and the final product works just like a slate chalkboard. Make a reminder message board for the kitchen or home office. A wall in a child's playroom can be transformed into a chalkboard.

When the kids are done chalking up the wall, the chalk dusts off with an eraser. You can also wash the chalkboard with a wet dishrag.


Paint the edges of the piece of wood for a finished look. The chalkboard can be as big or as small as you want.

  1. Lay a piece of painter's plastic down on a floor or table.

  2. Sand a piece of wood with 120 grit sandpaper to smooth out any rough wood grains. Sand back and forth and from side-to-side. Dust the piece of wood with a dry dishrag.

  3. Open a quart-sized can of chalkboard paint with the end of a flathead screwdriver. Stir the paint with a stir stick until well-mixed. Pour a 1/2 quart of paint into a paint tray.

  4. Dip a mini roller into the paint and roll it back and forth until the nap fibers are loaded with the paint.

  5. Roll the piece of wood with chalkboard paint. Roll up and down the width of the board. Roll out all paint lines or lap marks for a smoother finish.

  6. Wait 24 hours for the first coat of paint to dry. Apply a second coat of paint at this time. Wait 48 hours before using the chalkboard.