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How to Kill Wasps Safely and Naturally

Wasps are nature's natural garden pest control. They eat tomato hornworms and all kinds of bad bugs but sometimes we have to get rid of wasp nests near our homes. Here is how to safely and naturally do it.

  1. Mix a solution of three tablespoons of dish washing soap in one quart of water. This will kill wasps and bees by removing the protective coating on their bodies and wings.

  2. One way to get the liquid to the nest is to splash in in a mop bucket. Unfortunately you may not be quick enough to get away from any angry wasps that escape the soap mixture.

  3. A better way is to fill the soapy water solution into a kid's "super soaker" that shoots ten feet or more or in a garden chemical sprayer that fits on the end of your hose. When using a plastic hose end sprayer use pure dish washing soap and set it on the highest dosage setting. Douse the nest as best you can and get away quickly. Allow some time for the wasps to die and return and knock down the empty nest with a broom so any wasps that were away do not keep hanging around the nest.

  4. Tip

    Don't kill wasps that aren't harming anyone or near places where people may be bitten. Wasps are one of natures best natural pest controls and can save you lots of money that you would have spent on garden pesticides. They usually are only protective of the nest and within 5 feet of it.


    If you are allergic to wasps don't do this, get someone else to.