How to Keep Water Spots Off Glass Bathroom Shower Doors

There is a secret of keeping a shower door spotless and free of hard water stains. There are no chemical sprays or liquids that you will use. A simple inexpensive device that can be found at virtually any hardware store will keep the hard water spots off of any shower door.

Keep water spots off glass bathroom shower doors.

If you do these few steps before you take your first shower, it really is simple.

  1. Find a squeegee at a local hardware store. A squeegee can be described as a tool with a flat rubber blade that is used to control the flow of water on a flat surface. They come in several sizes from a 4-inch rubber blade to a 12-inch rubber blade. Pick a size that will be easy to use and is right for your door.

  2. After each and every shower, take a few minutes to wipe down your shower doors with the squeegee. Place the rubber blade at the top left-side of the door and slowly pull it all the way over to the right. This is the same motion you use when you clean your windshield at a self-service gas station. Work your way down the door, and after each pass, wipe the blade off with the cotton cloth.

  3. If there is any water droplets left on the door, wipe them off with the cotton cloth when you are finished with the squeegee. In this way you will have a spot free glass shower door.

  4. Warning

    Forgetting to do this step just one time can lead to nasty hard water spots that are very difficult to remove.