How to Sharpen Scissors With a Sharpening Stone

Shelly Schumacher

The history of the scissors, which legend says was created by Sir Flinders Petrie, dates back to the first century B.C. According to thenonist.com, they were often created with ornate metalwork and intricate detailing.

Sharpen Scissors With a Sharpening Stone

It wasn't until the industrial revolution that the cutting tool returned to a purely utilitarian design. Today, scissors are a common household item. It isn't until their functionality is compromised that we realize how important they are in our daily lives. A quick blade sharpening is all that is needed to create crisp and clean cuts.

  1. Open scissors and examine blades for burrs or knicks.

  2. Apply a few drops of light machine oil to a sharpening stone.

  3. Rub the sharpening stone from the point to the screw end of the beveled side of one of the blades. Try to match the angle of the blade to the stone edge. Wipe the blade clean.

  4. Re-apply oil to stone. Repeat sharpening process on the other blade, again matching the angle to the sharpening stone. Wipe blade clean when completed.

  5. Examine blades to ensure there are no additional burrs. Open and close scissors a few times to remove these particles.

  6. Test scissors blades on a piece of paper or fabric to ensure a clean cut. If they still seem dull, repeat process and retest.


Keep blades clean and free from moisture to retain sharpness.

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