How to Build a Bed With Drawers

A bed with drawers underneath helps provide a base frame under your bed, as well as a dresser or just some extra storage space. Building it yourself is much less expensive than buying one and allows you to be creative since you are choosing a color, type of wood and designs for the drawers.

Build a Bed With Drawers
  1. Make sure to have the measurements or the mattress you are going to be laying down on the future bed. The base board will need to be about an inch and a half larger than the mattress so the drawers are easily accessible.

  2. Obtain the drawer boxes first. These can be borrowed from another piece of furniture, or you can make them yourself by using four pieces of wood slabs for each drawer, along with a large bottom piece. The two side pieces will be a little longer than the front and back of the drawer. You can screw or glue these together piece by piece, but using screws will provide more stability. For a queen- or king-size bed, use six drawers: three on each side. You can find funky or elegant drawer fronts with handles at many home stores such as Lowe's or The Home Depot.

  3. Start constructing the base of the bed where the drawers will slide into. This will be the wooden frame that will support the mattress. Use bed risers if you want to create more space under your bed for larger drawers. Measure out this space, then shift the bed to the side so you can lay down the frame.

  4. Use four thick, sturdy pieces of wood for the frame. Make sure these are taller then the drawers so the drawers slide in and out easily. Screw these four pieces together, then use one more thick sturdy piece to go across the middle of the frame.

  5. Make smaller cross sections of wood planks, about half the size of the frame pieces, to go across the inside of the frame. This will be the part that support the drawers. Secure one long piece down the middle of the frame, so that with the sturdy centerpiece it creates a cross-like shape. From there, secure one small piece the opposite way toward the bottom, and one strong piece the same way at the top. It will resemble a tic-tac-toe board. Secure these to each other with the screwdriver or wood glue.

  6. Secure the drawer tracks to the cross-section wood planks with screws. Attach the drawer runners to the drawers as well, and connect. If desired, you can place a large solid sheet of wooden board over the four sturdy base pieces to support the mattress, or you can nail planks of wood across the top.

  7. Put the mattress back onto the baseboard and make sure it is sturdy and works well.

  8. Tip

    This project may go more quickly with a couple of people helping lay the boards.


    Always be careful when working with sharp machinery.