How to Remove a Padlock

Laura Hageman

Padlocks are generally used to keep out unwanted visitors. Older locks are large and bulky, while current models are lighter, but still as sturdy and dependable. There are several ways to remove a padlock.

  1. Use the padlock's key. Place the key inside the slot and turn it to the left. The handle will click open.

  2. Know the combination. If you line up the wheels correctly to match the combination, the padlock will unlock and snap open.

  3. Clip the padlock. If you lose the key, or forget the combination, use a bolt cutter to cut the handle from the lock.

  4. Pick the lock. Use two tension wrenches to pick a lock that's opened with a key. Stick one tension wrench into the key hole. Feel for the back row of springs. Hold the springs down with the tension wrench and then turn it left. Place a second tension wrench in the other side of the key hole. Search for the front springs and press them with the tension wrench to release the lock.

  5. Tip

    Each padlock comes with two keys. Be sure to place one key in a safe place in case you lose the other key.

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