How to Clean Dusters

Liza Hollis

Dusters are a household necessity for cleaning furniture and other surfaces in your home. However, they tend to be a lot less effective if they are dirty and dusty themselves.To get the best clean possible every time you dust, you may need to clean your duster.

Dirty duster?

Depending on what kind of duster you have, rag or feather, there are different ways to go about cleaning. Cleaning your duster after each time you use it is the best way to avoid needing to replace your duster often.

  1. Throw your duster into a machine washer with two tablespoons of detergent and let air dry. Machine washing is only doable if you have a rag duster. Feather dusters cannot be put into a washing machine, as the detergent will strip the oils and potentially damage your feathers. It is best to wash your rag dusters alone so the lint and dirt does not transfer onto garments.

  2. Wash feather dusters gently, by hand, with a mixture of one part water to two parts baby shampoo. The baby shampoo will not remove the oils from your feathers. Rinse gently. Hand dry with a clean towel to remove the majority of the moisture. To speed up the process, blow with a hairdryer.

  3. Clean your feather duster with rock salt if you don't have baby shampoo. Simply sprinkle rock salt generously over the duster. Then wrap in newspaper, folding over to seal closed. Shake rapidly for 2 to 3 minutes. Remove from newspaper wrapper and shake over the trash to remove dust and excess salt.