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Ostrich Feathers Vs. Lambs Wool Dusters

Neil Greenlees
Table of Contents

The battle against dust is fought daily in homes across America. A variety of implements are used to remove it from floors and other surfaces. Vacuum cleaners with their multiple attachments are an efficient way to clean many surfaces, but what about that highly polished mahogany table or those delicate figurines?

What's the best to use, a feather duster or one made from lambswool?

Lambswool and ostrich feathers are two natural fibers available for use as dusters.

The Aim of Dusting

Your aim when dusting your home is to remove as much dust as possible rather than just shifting it from one surface to another. You want a duster that will trap dust, freeing it only when shaken out in the open air. A vacuum cleaner is the ultimate duster as it traps dust in a container,which can then be emptied. There are some surfaces, however, you don't want to touch with even the softest vacuum brush. This is when you need an efficient manual duster.

Effectiveness of Feather Dusters

A feather duster is one of the most traditional pieces of household cleaning equipment in use today. Many people believe these implements simply stir dust up into the air. The website Cleanerregister.com says while this is "probably true of the cheap synthetic kind," those made from ostrich feathers are effective as the feathers contain natural oils that attract dust and gather it in fine feather barbs. The trapped dust is then removed by a vigorous shaking outside.

Features of Lambswool Dusters

Lambswool dusters present a much more sold appearance. Cleaningregister.com says they are made of rough wool with "fine crimped fibers" containing natural lanolin. These fibers attract and hold dust until shaken out in the open air. The website describes lambswool dusters as "long lasting."

Different Tasks

It would seem each of the two types of dusters are ideal for performing different tasks. Cleaningregister.com says ostrich feather dusters have a large surface area and can "glide gently between objects to dust awkward areas." This makes them ideal for tackling shelving used to display delicate ornaments. Lambswool dusters are described as being at their best on "flat, broad surfaces." This would appear to make them the best choice for large, uncluttered furniture surfaces.


Taking all of the facts into consideration, it would seem the best approach is to keep both a feather duster and a lambswool duster in your cleaning closet as both effectively remove dust from different areas of your home.