Troubleshooting Guardian Generators

Stephen Lilley

The standard method of starting a guardian generator is to simply press the "Start" button located on the front of the device. This button starts the generator's engine, which powers any devices you have plugged into it. If the engine goes off as soon as you release the "Start"

Troubleshooting Guardian Generators

Engine Problems

button, this is a sign of a serious electrical problem inside your generator. The part of the generator that transfers the power isn't making the connection to the part of the generator that actually provides that power to your devices. This is an electrical problem that will only get worse with time, and you need to contact a licensed electrician to have the problem corrected immediately.


If you notice that the indicator lights and gauges on your guardian generator have stopped working, what may seem like a minor inconvenience is really a serious problem. The generator is no longer holding enough power to perform its tasks, so the first thing it shuts off are basic operations. The generator will still provide power to anything you plug into it, but it will be operating nowhere near the levels it should. This is a problem that will get worse over time. As this is an indication that the generator is reaching the end of its lifespan, the only solution to this problem is to replace your unit with a brand new one.


If you have a gas-powered guardian generator and are experiencing problems, it could be due to insufficient oil levels. The generator makes power from the gasoline, but it actually needs the oil to operate. Insufficient oil levels can cause a variety of problems ranging from the engine surging to it not starting at all. Check the oil levels by opening the reservoir and checking it the same way you would the oil levels on a car. Also, make sure you change your oil every few months or so to keep the generator running efficiently and also maintain the expected lifespan of the unit.