How to Use a Carpet Wall Trimmer

Robin Hewitt

A carpet wall trimmer is a nifty little gadget that allows you to trim your carpet installation tight to the wall, without chance of a slipped guide or wayward utility knife.

Designed with multiple installation conditions in mind, a carpet trimmer can be adjusted to cut under overhanging cabinet edges as well as various thicknesses of carpeting. While models will vary by manufacturer, there are general guidelines for setting and using a carpet trimmer of any manufacturer.

  1. Determine the blade setting you need by measuring the thickness of the carpet that you are about to trim.

  2. Locate the blade adjustment guide, which is typically a screw or knob located near the long cutting guide and set the measurement to match your carpet depth. The blade will now protrude from the bottom of the trimmer the same depth as the carpet thickness.

  3. Grasp the carpet trimmer by the handle and starting in a corner, butt the back edge of the trimmer to the wall that connects to the side you are about to cut.

  4. Press down firmly while holding the long guide tight to the wall and slide the carpet trimmer down the length of the wall. The carpet will cut easily in a straight line.

  5. Continue making the cut until the front of the trimmer butts up against the end of the wall.

  6. Finish the cut at each end by using a utility knife and straight edge to cut the few remaining inches of uncut carpet.

  7. Tip

    Replace the blade when the carpet wall trimmer begins to have a “dragging” feel to the cut. To cut under a cabinet, locate the adjustment knob (or screw) near the handle and change the handle fitting to a 45 degree angle.