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How to Create Your Own Yard Sign

Athena Hessong

Many people think that yard signs are just for election season when it is common to see them dotting the lawns across suburbia, but you can also make yard signs for holidays or to announce the location of a party.

The actual design is up to you, but this wooden yard sign allows you to change the look quickly by using a staple gun to attach a poster board to the front. This means that you can attach your favored candidate's poster, and after the election season is over, you can take down the poster and use the sign for other events.

  1. Paint your design or message on the scrap wood board with the poster paint and let itt dry. Work in a well-ventilated area.

  2. Apply a coat of wood varnish or sealant to both the board and the stake to protect the wood from the elements. This is especially important if you will be leaving your yard sign out for an extended time.

  3. Let the outdoor varnish dry and apply a second coat. This is optional but will add an additional layer of protection..

  4. Screw or nail the board onto one stake in the center of the back of the board. Or, attach two stakes by screwing them to the back of the board, one near each edge of the board.. Use at least two screws or nails per stake.

  5. Staple a poster board or sign to the front of the board over your painting to change your message. To remove the poster, just pull out the staples. You do not have to put a poster over your yard sign, but the sign provides a sturdy mount for any poster you want to display outdoors.

  6. Tip

    Bring your yard sign inside during inclement weather if you have stapled a poster board to the front of it. You can make several of these for holidays such as Halloween or Christmas by painting greetings of the season on the yard sign before applying the varnish.