How to Hang a Rug on the Wall

Hanging a rug on the wall can add elegance to your home or office. There are a number of ways to hang a rug on the wall, and the weight of the object will determine what type of hardware you will need to use. In some cases, you can use decorative pull knobs to hang the rug on the wall.

Hang a Rug on the Wall

These knobs, which are usually used for drawers, may look more appealing than basic hooks. If your home has high walls, you can hang a rug by installing a rod at the top of it and attaching it to a hook or slightly angles nail.

  1. Measure the length and width of the rug to determine the placement of the hardware on the wall. Decide where you want to hang the rug on the wall.

  2. Choose the type of hardware you will use to hang the rug, depending on the wall material. Wall materials include masonry, wood, gypsum board or paneling, and each type requires different hardware. Wood walls require a hook equipped with a threaded screw end that can be screwed directly into the wood by hand. When working with gypsum board and masonry, nail anchors, which are available in both metal and plastic, screw directly into the wall. Metal anchors are typically used to hang heavier items, while plastic anchors are used to secure lighter items.

  3. Lay out marks on the wall where the hardware is to be installed. The placement of the hardware should be so that the rug lays flat against the wall without bunching up. Placing a hook at the top outer corners and 1 foot apart across the top will keep the rug in place while also making sure that the rug lays flat.

  4. Install the hardware onto the wall. Depending on what type of hardware you are working with, you may need to use a power drill or a screwdriver.

  5. Sew a rod to the upper back side of the rug, and hang it from the installed hardware. You can attach the rug to a wood frame before hanging to make it rigid.