How to Fix Broken Blinds

Kristan Hart

When you have blinds on your window, you can adjust the brightness and the privacy you require in your room. Blinds come in a variety of textures and styles, but the two basic types of blinds are venetian blinds and vertical blinds.

Broken blinds are easy to repair.

Venetian blinds run horizontally on a window; vertical blinds are larger and run vertically across windows or doors. When you learn how to fix broken blinds, you can make simple repairs to your window coverings and extend the lifespan of your blinds.

  1. Remove the blinds from the window by sliding them out of the clip.

  2. Lay the blinds down on a table or a large workspace.

  3. Look at the bottom of the blinds. Untie both ends of the lift cord.

  4. Take off the bottom piece, and then remove each slat one by one until you reach the damaged slat.

  5. Pull an extra slat from the bottom of the blind and insert it where the broken slat used to be.

  6. Replace the rest of the slats and secure the ties at the bottom.

  7. Find another assembled blind to use as a referral or sketch a diagram before removing a knotted or broken pull cord. This will help you put the new pull cord in without mistakes.

  8. Remove the blinds with the broken pull cord and lay them on a flat work area.

  9. Pull both ends of the pull cord up, into the head box and over the pulleys, until the cord comes out.

  10. Feed both ends of the new pull cord into the head box then over the first pulley. Direct one end of the new pull cord over the next pulley and the other end of the new pull cord over the far pulley.

  11. Grip both ends of the pull cord and pull them down through the slats.

  12. Secure both ends of the pull cord underneath the bottom rail.

  13. Note the broken end of the vertical blinds. Look at the other end, which used to hang at the bottom right above the floor. Inspect it to see if there's any damage to that end.

  14. Fold the good end of the vertical blind slat in half, so the broken end is on top of the good end. Use the broken end as a template and mark the correct location for the hole to connect the slat to the clip.

  15. Use a hold punch to make a hole in the good end of the blind. Be careful not to punch the hole too close to the end of the blind slat or it will fall off the clip.

  16. Place the hole into the clip. If necessary, shave around the edge of the hole with a knife to make the hole bigger.

  17. Replace the broken slat if you mistakenly punch the hole in the wrong spot or if there is significant damage to the bottom of the blind. Many vertical blind materials are too rigid for repair, so your money is best spent on a replacement slat.

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