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How to Clean Dog Urine off of a Treadmill

M.B. Lachlei

Whether you use a treadmill for exercise or exercising the dog, if your dog urinates on the treadmill, it probably smells bad. The good news is that removing dog urine is relatively easy--once you locate the areas where your dog has urinated.

  1. Find the urine. Turn off the lights in the room and shine a black light on the treadmill. The urine will fluoresce under a black light, which will show you where to clean. Turn on the treadmill and look down the length of the runner belt to make sure you find the spot. Turn off the treadmill when you find the spot and unplug it.

  2. Clean with soap and water first. Be careful to not get any in the mechanism. Wipe dry with paper towels.

  3. Follow up with a pet enzymatic cleaner or water and vinegar and blot dry with paper towels. Be careful not to get any liquid in the mechanism.

  4. Let your treadmill dry for a half hour before using it.

  5. Warning

    Do not work on your treadmill while it is running or plugged in. Injury or electric shock could result.

    Keep away from any electrical portions of the treadmill as electric shock could result.

    Opening your treadmill could violate your warranty. When in doubt, contact the manufacturer.