How to Mount a Microwave Under a Cabinet

Jason Gillikin

The various gadgets that make a modern kitchen a source of culinary delight also consume a vast amount of counter space. Coffee makers, food processors, blenders, knife blocks—each has its use, and each needs its dedicated amount of square inches on your countertop.

One way to make room is to take that perennial standby, the microwave, and mount it beneath a cabinet. This change will give you more room while providing an elegant look to your food-preparation area.

  1. Following the specific manufacturer’s directions, remove the mounting bracket from the package and attach it to the microwave to ensure proper fit.

  2. Drill holes in the bottom of the cabinet, to align with the holes for the mounting bracket. If the bracket did not ship with a template for drilling, measure the distances and angles between the nuts on the bracket and replicate them under the cabinet.

  3. Remove the microwave from the bracket and insert the bracket's bolts into the cabinet holes. Tighten the bolts to secure the bracket in place.

  4. Re-install the microwave into the bracket, per manufacturer instructions.

  5. Plug the microwave in and use the zip tie to secure any extra cord.

  6. Because the inside of the cabinet will have mounting screws or nuts pushing through the bottom, put some sort of liner on the lowest shelf of the cabinet. A wire rack holder or even a towel will work for this purpose—anything to protect your plates or food items from accidental damage from the protruding hardware.

  7. Tip

    Most microwaves can weigh 20 to 30 pounds or more, so make sure that the wood of the cabinet is capable of withstanding that weight without failing. It may be useful to use extra-large washers to provide additional surface area for the microwave’s weight.


    Avoid mounting the microwave where the ventilation for the blower motor will be plugged, or where there is risk of heat or water damage from a stove or sink.