How to Clean Solar Screens

April Ort

You can use many common household items to clean solar screens. Depending on the type of screen, you can clean them while they are in place, or you can remove them for a more thorough washing.

With the proper removal and correct cleaning methods, anyone can successfully clean and maintain her solar screens and continue to block direct sunlight to prevent extra heat from penetrating her home in those warm weather months.

Cleaning Stationary Solar Screens

  1. Use a Phillips head screw driver to untwist the clips that clamp the screen into place when removing a stationary solar screen.

  2. Carefully remove the solar screen from the window, using caution not to misshape the inner portion of the screen.

  3. Dampen a microfiber cloth with a water and a mild soap.

  4. Wash both surfaces of the solar screen with the dampened cloth.

  5. Gently scrub any baked-on dirt with a soft-bristled vegetable or cleaning brush.

  6. Rinse the screen by pouring clean water over the surface to remove any soap residue. You can alternately use a hose to spray off soap residue.

  7. Wipe down the screen with a dry cotton cloth.

  8. Reinsert the solar screen into the window, and tighten the clips with a Phillips head screw driver.

Cleaning Retractable and Roll-up Solar Screens

  1. Leave roll-up and retractable screens installed while you clean them.

  2. Use a hose to rinse away light dust on the solar screen.

  3. Wipe the screen with a cotton cloth dampened with water and a mild dish detergent, for baked-on dirt.

  4. Rinse the screen thoroughly with a hose to remove excess dirt and soap residue.

  5. Tip

    You can leave stationary screens in place and hose them down occasionally to remove light dust.