How to Get Rid of Rats in the Ceiling

Rats can get into your ceiling from your roof through any opening as small as a quarter inch. If a rat is in your ceiling, it will most likely try to make its way into your home to find food, which is why it's extremely important to get rid of any rats once you notice they are in your ceiling or attic.

Also, rats can cause damage to your ceiling by chewing through material and they can attract more unwanted animals, such as raccoons.

  1. Find out how the rats have gotten into your ceiling or attic. Use a ladder to get to your roof to find any possible openings. Patch any small holes on your roof or use steel wool or foam to cover the area until you get rid of the rats.

  2. Seal off any other areas where the rats could get into your house. For example, stuff steel wool near areas around pipes and drainage holes. Also, make sure all of your trash is secured in trash bags and that your food is completely closed in your kitchen cabinets.

  3. Place two or three rat traps in your attic or area of your ceiling if you can get to it. Place the traps along the edges of your attic entrance, and use peanut butter as bait. Wait at least two or three days to see if the traps worked.

  4. Use different rat traps, such as the T-Rex rat trap and Rat Zapper, if the problem persists. These traps contain glue and poison within the trap to capture and kill the rats. Check the traps each day after placing them in your ceiling to see if the rats were caught, and then dispose of any that were snagged.

  5. Cut out a small portion of the drywall in your ceiling, using a bladed tool if necessary, to remove any dead rats or to place traps. You will have to patch the area once the rats are removed, but it's important not to leave any dead rats in your ceiling, as they will attract more unwanted pests and spread disease.

  6. Warning

    Always contact a professional exterminator if you can't control the problem yourself. Also, never spray pesticides in your ceiling, as they could seep back into your living area.