How to Clean Louvered Doors

Michelle Powell-Smith

Louvered doors can collect dust, grease and grime between those hard to reach slats. A standard dust rag will leave behind most of the collected dirt, and cleaning sprays will just accumulate in the crevices.

Tools sold for cleaning blinds do not work with louvered doors, so they do require a bit of creativity and elbow grease. With some easy tips and tricks, you can keep your louvered doors clean.

  1. Place an old sock over a wooden ruler, butter knife or similar implement. Secure snugly with a rubber band.

  2. Place an old towel under your door to protect your flooring or carpet from moisture.

  3. Dilute oil soap as specified on the bottle. Fill a spray bottle with your oil soap solution. Spray the doors liberally.

  4. Clean between the slats with the covered ruler. Use a stiff paintbrush to clean in the corners and edges. Finally, wipe down all flat surfaces on your door with a clean rag. More soap solution may be used if necessary.

  5. Wipe down the other side of the door, working into the slats if necessary to remove any remaining dust or dirt.

  6. Use a sock-covered ruler to dust your doors regularly. The sock can simply be moistened with rubbing alcohol or sprayed with a dust collecting spray.

  7. Tip

    If slats are greasy or sticky, use an old toothbrush sprayed with oil soap and scrub off the gunk.


    Avoid spraying the soap solution or rubbing alcohol near your face. Don't jam the ruler too hard into the slats; you don't want to crack a slat.