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How to Clean Teak Oil Off of Glass

Dale Yalanovsky

Teak oil is made to soak into wood and give it a nice golden color. However, this oil is also composed of various sticky resins, so it will stain and adhere to virtually anything it touches, and that includes glass and mirrors.

For normal oils, even motor oils that are spilled on glass, dishwashing detergent and water are good ways to remove it. But the dried resins in teak oil will resist soap and water penetration, so unless you are able to clean up teak oil while it is still wet, there is a better and easier way.

  1. Pour about a capful of paint stripper onto the glass where the teak oil stain is. You can use more or less depending on how large the stain is.

  2. Brush the stripper over the teak oil stain and let it sit for five minutes or so while it dissolves the teak oil.

  3. Wipe off the stripper and teak oil with a rag.

  4. Sponge on your soap and water mixture and wash the mirror. Rinse.

  5. Tip

    When finished removing the teak oil and after washing the glass with soap and water, you may clean the glass as normal using your favorite glass cleaner.


    Always wear rubber gloves when working with paint stripper.