How to Fix Burns in Berber Carpeting

Kathryn Hatter

A burn in your Berber carpeting can be disheartening and frustrating – especially if the burn occurs in an area where people will see it easily. Instead of replacing your entire carpet, there are two options for fixing the burn that involve cutting it out.

Small and superficial burns will not require extensive fixing, however, large and deep burns may be more challenging to repair.

Superficial, Small Burns

  1. Examine the burn to determine the extent of the damage. As long as the burn does not penetrate down to the bottom of the carpeting and the pad, you can superficially fix it.

  2. Use the sharp scissors to cut out the burnt fibers, which will be hard and crusty. Use extreme caution as you cut, making sure you do not cut down into the carpet pad. Discard the burnt fibers.

  3. Find a different area of the carpet that is out of common sight – inside a closet or under furniture are suitable places. Use the sharp scissors to cut the top fibers from the carpeting in this area. Your goal is to remove approximately the same amount of carpet fibers from this area that you cut out of the first area. Again, do not cut down into the carpet pad.

  4. Spread a light area of clear carpet glue onto the burned area and press the harvested carpet fibers down onto the glue. These harvested carpet fibers will fill in the area where you removed the burnt fibers.

  5. Allow the glue to dry completely and then trim any fibers that seem bushy and fuzzy so that the glued area is neat and even with the surrounding carpeting.

Larger and Deeper Burns

  1. Look carefully at larger burns to determine the extent of the burn. If the burn is very dark and penetrates down through the carpet pad, you must cut the entire burned area out of the carpeting and replace it.

  2. Use the x-acto knife to cut around the burn, making the cut approximately 1 to 2 inches outside of the burn. Cut all around the burn, then remove the cutout piece of the carpeting.

  3. Take the cutout piece to an inconspicuous area of the same Berber carpeting and place it onto the carpet. Match up the direction of the carpet fibers and the shape of the cutout piece perfectly.

  4. Use the x-acto knife to cut out a replacement “plug” from the unmarred Berber carpeting. Cut around the cutout piece exactly so you have two carpet pieces that are identical in size and shape.

  5. Spread carpet glue over first hole in the burned area and insert the replacement plug. Make sure you precisely place the replacement plug into the hole and that the direction of the carpet fibers matches perfectly. Press down firmly on the replacement plug so the glue adheres it.

  6. Place a heavy book over the glued area and leave the book in place for at least eight hours. Remove the book after the eight hours and fluff up the carpet fibers to hide the repair.