How to Make Wood Dice

Dice come in many shapes and sizes. From the size of a breath mint to that of a baseball, and from four-sided pyramids to 36-sided polygons, you certainly have choices in creating your own dice. In most cases, however, the classic wooden six-sided die is just what you need.

  1. Cut a cube of wood to the desired dimensions of your die. Most standard dice measure about 3/4-inch on all sides.

  2. Smooth each surface and each edge thoroughly with sandpaper.

  3. Mark the appropriate numbers with dots on each side of the die lightly with pencil. For a regular six-sided die, remember: the dots on opposing sides should equal seven (for example, six should be opposite from one, five should be opposite from two).

  4. Sand out the number dots, turning each into a concave impression about the width of a grain of rice. This can be done by folding the tip of a dulled pencil or ball point pen into a piece of sandpaper, placing the point against the pencil mark on the die, and then spinning in place until the impression has been made.

  5. Color the impressed number dots using a marker or ink pen.

  6. Stain the die to turn the wood into your desired color, then allow to dry.

  7. Apply finish and allow to dry. Sand lightly.

  8. Coat with high-traffic polyurethane. Apply more than one coat for an extra durable die. Allow to dry and your die is ready to be cast.