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How to Protect Your Home From Listening Devices

Palmer Owyoung

It used to be that spy devices were only available to spies and people working in law enforcement. Today anyone with an Internet connection and a credit card can buy high-tech listening devices and miniature spy cameras. If you think someone might be spying on you, you can protect your home from listening devices.

Perform a Bug Sweep

  1. Buy a bug sweeper. One of the easiest things to do if you suspect someone of eavesdropping on you is to buy an electronic counter surveillance device or bug sweeper. You can purchase them from eBay, Amazon or an online spy gadget or electronics site. Two that you might consider are the “Bug Guard” and the Spy Matrix PRO.

  2. Sweep your home or office. These devices are very simple to use. Just turn it on and move it around the area that you think someone is bugging. It will pick up on cameras, listening devices, and in some cases, GPS trackers. When it finds one, it will vibrate, let off a high-pitched beep, or lights will blink, depending on what model you decided to purchase. Some of these devices also work by giving you a reading of numbers. When your device stops in between certain numbers, it will indicate the type of bug it has found. For instance, if the unit stops at 398.60 and stays there, you likely have a UHF listening device.

  3. Remove the bug and turn it off or destroy it. If you prefer, consider give bad information to whoever is listening to you.

Buy a Noise Generator

  1. Buy a noise generator. Purchase a machine that generates background noise so that the person who is listening to you cannot understand your conversation. You can buy these devices on eBay or Amazon or at a spy gear website.

  2. Define a protected area within your home or office. You will need to designate a safe space where you can have private conversations. How big the area is will depend on the type of machine that you purchase and its effectiveness. If you have a large area to safeguard, you may have to purchase multiple machines or ones that have multi-directional noise generating attachments.

  3. Install the machines by attaching the suction cups that come with it and putting them on a wall, window or other smooth surface. You can also use mounting screws to attach them to a wall permanently.

  4. Turn your noise generator on and speak freely. To turn on the machine, flip the “On” switch and speak normally. The machines will project noise into the surrounding area, preventing any listening device from being able to hear clearly.