How to Soundproof a New Home From Road Noise

Abby Vaun

Cars whizzing by, blaring music and motorcycles roaring through the streets can make anyone’s dream home a nightmare. However, there are a few easy things you can do to soundproof your home from irritating road noise before attempting a whole remodeling project.

Your local hardware store should have all the soundproofing materials you need to block out sounds from the road. When purchasing your materials, look for the STC, Sound Transmission Class ratings. The higher the rating, the more soundproof the material.

  1. Install carpeting, rugs, and/or insulation tile to help dampen the sounds coming into your home; even adding furniture can help.

  2. Purchase new windows, which are one of the biggest factors in outside noises coming in and disrupting your life. Look for windows designed for sound reduction, such as those with an acrylic frame and double-paned windows.

  3. Hang sound-deadening drapes, or insert window plugs around the window frames if new windows aren't an option. You can make window plugs yourself out of soundproofing mats or have them custom made.

  4. Fill cracks or holes near windows or in the walls with sealant; if air can come through, so can sound.

  5. Install additional insulation. Cut small holes in the drywall between the studs near the ceiling. You should be able to rent a machine to blow in the extra insulation. wherever you purchase your expandable foam insulation.

  6. Add additional sheets of drywall to the stud side of the wall with silicone caulking and attach with screws or nails, then paint. If adding drywall is out of the question, attach wall coverings to your walls. These come in a variety of colors, including bare, if you want to paint the covering yourself.

  7. Warning

    Make sure not to overfill when blowing in foam insulation. If home improvement is not your thing, call in a professional insulation company to prevent severe wall damage.