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Curved Blade vs. Straight Blade on a Fan

James Red

The difference in curved-blade and straight-blade fans is a choice between performance and noise. Curved-blade fans are often quieter than straight-blade fans, but they do not perform as well.


A curved blade cut into the air less than a straight blade. This creates less noise, so curved-blade fans are usually much quieter than a fan with straight blades.


Although curved blades are quieter, the reduction in noise comes at a price. Curved blades move less air than straight blades, creating a less powerful breeze than a traditional straight blade.


If you are easily bothered by fan noise, then a curved-blade fan should appeal to you because it is quieter. But if you want maximum performance out of a fan, a straight-blade fan is probably the way to go, even if it is a little louder. Other factors that can contribute to a fan's noise are the materials of which it is made, and the insulation around the motor.