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How to: Towel Under the Door to Block Sound

Taylor DiVico

Toweling the door can make the difference between unwanted distractions and a quiet space. Noise generated from sources such as talking, television and music can creep through the opening under your door, disturbing your sleep or interfering with studying routines.

Toweling a door provides a cost-efficient method for drowning out noise.

A towel can double as a bathroom necessity and a buffer between rooms, diminishing the volume of sounds by closing the gap between your door and the floor. You can towel your door to decrease the incidence of sound disruption coming from roommates or family members.

  1. Stand inside the room you want to soundproof. Close the door from the inside.

  2. Spread a bath towel out. Fold it in half lengthwise twice. Line the towel lengthwise against the bottom of the door.

  3. Scrunch the edge of the towel that is facing the door into the space between the bottom of the door and the floor along the length of the gap, using your fingers.

  4. Tip

    Toweling the door also blocks out light and scents such as cooking odors or smoke.