How to Disguise a Manufactured Home

Shae Hazelton

Purchasing a manufactured home (a house built in a controlled environment and relocated to the proper location) can save you money while allowing you to enjoy all the comforts of a conventionally constructed house.

If you prefer the look of a conventional house, it is possible to disguise your manufactured home and make it look like it has always belonged in its current location.

  1. Select some fieldstones that match the color of your home. One of the telltale signs of a manufactured home is its raised platform. You can put siding around the bottom of your home to disguise and protect the lower half of their manufactured home, but a stone border gives your home more of a permanent and attractive look. Mix some cement and use it to hold the stones together while you border the lower half of your manufactured home.

  2. Construct a hooded porch or patio for your manufactured home. A hooded porch or patio hides a great portion of your home behind an inviting walk space. It also adds extra shape to your home, which you normally wouldn’t see on a manufactured home. Most manufactured homes have a simple rectangle shape.

  3. Build an indoor garage for your home. Most manufactured homes do not come with this feature. It alters the shape of the home much like a porch or patio. The garage is also a convenient thing to have for any home.

  4. Change the siding on your home to something like wood or stone. Most average manufactured homes came in dull vinyl siding. Adding a new variety of siding can give your manufactured home the look of a log cabin or a stone cottage.

  5. Add another story to your home. One of the greatest things about a manufactured home is its versatility. You can ask the home manufacturer if it has another story already made and add it on as a kit or simply start construction on a new story. A slanted roof with dormers can help drastically alter the image of your home, making it barely recognizable as a manufactured home.

  6. Warning

    Leave an area open when you build your stone skirting. You will need access at one time or another to the underside of your manufactured home, so ensure you leave at least one access point. Place it on the back of our house, so it is not visible from the road.