How to Repair a Wobbly Pedestal Table

JL Wilson

There are few things more irritating than a wobbly pedestal table. Whether it’s an entry table, a dinning room table or an end table, reestablishing its balance and making it stand straight and true again increases its aesthetic value and functionality.

Pedestal table
  1. Turn the table gently onto its top so the feet are pointing toward the ceiling. In the center of each table support foot, where the foot contacts the floor, drill a three-eighths-inch pilot hole.

  2. Insert the female end of the adjustable furniture disc hardware into the pilot hole, pounding it gently with a hammer. Insert the male end, turning it clockwise until the disc is fully seated.

  3. Set the table upright. Adjust the furniture discs to stabilize the table. Locate the misaligned leg by setting the table surface level; the foot that is off the floor needs to be adjusted. Twist the adjustable furniture disc out until it contacts the floor. Check the table for level and make additional adjustments as needed.