How to Buy Replacement Glass for PartyLite Votive Holders

Laura Britton

Many of PartyLite’s decorative candle holders come with removable votive cups. If one of these breaks while you’re cleaning or moving it, you have some options for buying replacement glass.

PartyLite doesn’t allow customers to access their catalog directly, as they only sell merchandise through their independent consultants. Here, we’ll discuss how to contact one of these consultants, even if you don’t remember who your original consultant was.

  1. Go to PartyLite’s website at www.partylite.com.

  2. Click “Find a Consultant” in the menu bar across the top of the page. You could click “Our Products” or “Shop Online,” but these will eventually lead you back to the consultant location page because PartyLite doesn’t sell directly to the public.

  3. Type the name of your consultant. If you can't remember your consultant's name, type the name of your hostess. Your hostess is the person who either hosted a PartyLite show in her home or brought you a catalog from which to order.

  4. Type your zip code to locate the consultant nearest you, if you can’t recall your previous hostess or consultant. You will be redirected to her personal PartyLite page. An Internet business card also pops up on this screen with the consultant’s contact information.

  5. Contact the consultant using the information provided on her business card. She can help you determine the product number and availability of the replacement glass you need. She will also place the order for you and have it drop-shipped to your location.