How to Stain CORIAN® Counter Tops

CORIAN® countertops are simply countertops with a solid surface. Unlike granite or engineered stone countertops, CORIAN® is typically much more cost-effective and easier to clean, but it does have its downside.

kitchen countertop

Over time, CORIAN® can lose its coloring, and that means you will need to re-stain it to bring it back to life.

  1. Put on your safety goggles, and then gently sand down the countertop. Attach the sandpaper to the sander and move it around in a circular motion. Only do this for a few seconds to roughen up the surface, which will help the stain bond better.

  2. Clean the surface by dabbing a few drops of rubbing alcohol on a dry, soft cloth. Wipe the CORIAN® countertop off with this and allow it to air dry.

  3. Spray the primer onto the entire countertop in an even coat.

  4. Carefully pour some of the liquid stain onto the sponge. Quickly swipe it across the surface being careful not to leave it on one spot for too long. This will cause a darker stain in one spot and will not be even. Be sure to continuously work quickly.

  5. Allow the first coat of stain to dry for one hour, and then apply a second coat.

  6. Apply a layer of topcoat with the paint roller after the last coat of stain has dried.