How to Install Crown Molding for Kitchen Cabinets

Cadence Johansen

Many old or outdated kitchens can be updated with crown molding. Crown molding is a good way to add grace and charm to any kitchen. It sometimes is tricky to install, but homeowners will love the results of a job well done.

Learning how to install crown molding on your kitchen cabinets will allow you to do the job yourself and save money on installation fees.

  1. Measure the sides and front of the kitchen cabinet with a measuring tape. Be precise with these measurements because improper measurements will mean big problems as you cut the crown molding. Write the measurements down on a piece of paper with a pencil.

  2. Mark the measurements on a piece of crown molding. As you mark the measurements, indicate the direction of the 45-degree angle cuts needed for the corners.

  3. Place the crown molding onto the table of the miter saw. The top of the crown molding should rest against the table while the bottom of the molding should rest against the saw's wall. Set the miter saw to a 45-degree angle. Cut the molding along the marked lines.

  4. Set the crown molding into place on the cabinet. Have a partner hold the molding while you nail it into place with a pneumatic nail gun.

  5. Fill in the nail holes and gaps between the molding and the cabinets with colored caulk or wood putty. Wait for the caulk or putty to dry.

  6. Paint or stain the crown molding to match your cabinetry, using a paintbrush.